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Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 gives you the right of access to information held by public bodies like us that is not routinely available from other sources.

This website provides a wealth of information about us. For example, we:

To view the full list of information we publish online, as required by the Act, see our Publication Scheme.

How to make a Freedom of Information (FoI) request

If the website does not provide the information you require, you can make a request for information under FoI to either customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk or:

Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS


  • be as specific as possible in your request;
  • include your name and email or postal address so that we can reply in full; and
  • state in your application if you prefer your information in a particular format, such as a photocopy or on computer disk.

If you have difficulty in identifying the precise information you require, or have difficulty in making the application in writing, call us on 08456 05 05 05.

You can alternatively make a request for information under the terms of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 or the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.

What happens next

We will advise you within 20 working days if we hold the information you have requested and can release it. We might provide your information in our first response.

Please note that:

  • If we estimate that it is likely to take more than 24 working hours to compile your information, the Act permits us to charge you to fulfil your request at a rate of £25/hour + VAT, as set out in our Freedom of Information Fees Policy.
  • If your requested information falls within categories specified in the Act, such as personal data about individual employees, we may withhold it.

If you are unhappy in any way with our response, you may ask us to reconsider, as set out in our FoI Appeals procedure.

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