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Gaelic names policy

We will:

  • support the National Gaelic Language Plan 2012-2017 which sets out “to secure an increase in the number of people learning, speaking and using Gaelic in Scotland” through the appropriate depiction of Gaelic names.
  • endeavour to achieve consistency in the depiction of names within each mapping series and across its range of products;
  • adopt the Gaelic orthographic conventions agreed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority;
  • ensure that common usage and evidence provided by historical form are both considered when defining the spelling and/or depiction of a name;
  • seek to gain proper authority, through a broadly accepted standards-setting body, for the depiction of Gaelic names, but in the case of disagreement retain final editorship to ensure cartographically acceptable mapping and products;
  • continue the procedure of gathering and authenticating names by involvement and consultation with local communities and local authority Gaelic officers pending the possible formation of a standards committee;
  • work with key institutions, societies and individuals to ensure consistency of Gaelic name depiction; and
  • allocate resources to facilitate our understanding of Gaelic names in relation to the impact and importance on Scottish culture.

We will not:

  • be the Authority for Gaelic names; or
  • convert to Gaelic any existing anglicised names on the authority of any one individual.

Please note: the latest version of the policy document, 1.4, is currently being translated into Gaelic and will be published shortly.

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