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Internet cookies at Ordnance Survey

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Our policies

We hold ourselves to high standards in the following areas.

AddressBase UPRNs

Whilst we are obliged under delegated authority to license and protect the Crown’s intellectual property rights, we allow the royalty-free use and sub-licensing of Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) by third parties who are licenced under AddressBase internal business use terms.


We are proud of our reputation for integrity and this ethic pervades all of our activities including our commercial operations. In support of our commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of business practice, our stance on bribery is one of zero-tolerance. Bribery is illegal and as such has no place in our organisation.

Basic scale revision

We regularly update our data in order that our customers benefit from the most up-to-date maps; we strive to improve the quality, accuracy and content of our products ever further.

Customer service

Our commitment to customer satisfaction depends on providing a service to match the quality of our products. We welcome your feedback to help us meet and exceed your expectations.

Data protection

As a public authority that handles personal information and data, we must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other regulations.


We are committed to continual improvement and measurement of its environmental performance. Our environmental policy provides the framework against which we will measure our performance and manage our activities.

Equality and diversity

We aim to provide a working environment in which the rights and dignity of every person – staff, customers, partners, consultants, contractors and the general public – are respected.

Fair information trading

We strictly follow a system of open trading that meets the terms of the Competition Act 1998. Our aim is that, in principle, we can meet the needs of anyone who applies for a licence to reuse information for any purpose.

Freedom of Information fees

Most requests for information under FoI are free of charge to you as an applicant. If we estimate that it will take longer than 24 working hours to fulfil, however, your request could be chargeable.

Gaelic names

We will support and facilitate the promotion of Scottish culture through the appropriate depiction of Gaelic names.

Geospatial standards

We actively support open standards for data to enable better interoperability between our data and that of our customers and other providers. We are also committed to the development of appropriate standards through engagement with standards development organisations.

Health and safety

Everybody working at Ordnance Survey is expected to apply high standards of health and safety management in their workplace, whilst they are travelling, and in the products and services that are delivered to other parties.

Intellectual property

We are in the information business, and our income mainly depends on the exploitation of our intellectual property (IP). By using IP law to protect our mapping and topographic information, we are able to provide you with the benefit of up-to-date and new products.

OS MasterMap TOIDs

Whilst we are obliged under delegated authority to license and protect the Crown’s intellectual property rights, we allow the royalty-free use and sub-licensing of toopgraphic identifiers (TOIDs) by third parties.


We work collaboratively with suppliers to secure best value for money and subsequent delivery of commercially sound contracts.

Re-use of public sector information

We take a number of steps to make it easier to re-use our information in the spirit of the Public Sector Information (PSI) regime.

Welsh language scheme

Under the Welsh Language Act 1993 every public body providing services to the public in Wales has to prepare a scheme setting out how it will provide those services in Welsh. This is Ordnance Survey’s scheme.

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