New pricing and licensing model revealed today

Today we’re running a special event for Licensed Partners where we’re unveiling our new pricing and licensing model, which aims to enable greater access to our data under a simplified structure.

Among the biggest changes is the introduction of terms to allow partner businesses to licence and resell almost all of our products, including our flagship dataset, OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

Here’s what we’ve said in our news release:

“There will also now be fewer, broader licences covering commercial activities. The three partner contracts unveiled today have been created as a result of amalgamating terms from 12 existing contracts – which have all been substantially revised to be shorter and written in clearer English. For example, the new Framework Licence for partners has been reduced from 37 to 16 pages.

“The new licences will also include improved terms covering warranties and liabilities.”

And there is news around the use of derived data:

“Perhaps the most discussed issue surrounding the use of Ordnance Survey data in recent years has been the use of so-called ‘derived data’ – where customers create features or attributes with direct reference to the underlying Ordnance Survey data.

“However, the mapping agency hopes greater clarity around the use of ‘derived data’ and the inclusion of new ‘Free to Use Data’ terms will alleviate many of those issues, allowing for greater sharing of information that has been inferred from existing features.”

A huge amount of work has gone into the new structure with the aim of removing many of the known issues that our partners and customers have raised over the years. We want to be easy to do business with, and this new structure, when combined with OS OpenData and the recently signed PSMA, means high quality GI has never been more accessible in this country. This in turn presents great opportunities for growth and innovation.

The new licences unveiled today will be available from 18 November ahead of a second phase release planned for early next year.

There is a whole host of additional information now on the licensing pages on our website, so why not have a read and let us know what you think.

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