Should Ordnance Survey run a Hack Day?

Hack Day?

Last week we ran a Hack Day for staff here at Ordnance Survey (more details on Friday, and no we didn’t invite anyone called Murdoch) and it got me wondering if we should run something similar, but make it open for all.

For the uninitiated, a Hack Day is an “event where developers, designers and people with ideas gather to build ‘cool stuff'”.

In our case this would mean using geo-data, alongside any other available data, to build interesting, useful or just plain fun applications, websites or tools.

We had a quite a few comments when we asked this on Twitter, but I also wanted to pose the question here as it’ll be easier to gather everyone’s ideas and thoughts.

It’s just an idea at the moment, nothing more, and your feedback will help us decide whether to pursue it or not. So shout loud and clear – should we run a Hack Day? What would you want to see in it? Should it just be about using OS OpenData? Where should we hold it?

Don’t be shy, tell us what you think!

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