We’ve launched a new height product – OS Terrain 5

OS Terrain 5 is our new fully maintained analytical height product modelling the shape of Great Britain’s landscape. OS Terrain 5 is a digital terrain model designed to work together with our large-scale products to provide the third dimension to analytical applications, such as flood risk assessment, development and wind farm location. You can see OS Terrain 5 below.

We’ve ensured additional modelling for features that are often used for analytical applications – such as such as major communication routes, lakes, quarries and urban areas. See the example below with the motorway network and Killington Reservoir.

OS Terrain 5 will be updated quarterly to ensure that latest data is available for customers. Featuring over 2.3 million contour lines and more than 280,000 spot heights, OS Terrain 5 provides highly-accurate, intelligent data.

Our first commercial product to be made exclusively available for download, OS Terrain offers 5 metre grid and 5 metre contour options within the one product.  We’ve also embraced open source standards and made the product available in a variety of formats, such as ASCII grid, Esri shapefile and GML 3.2 with detailed xml metadata for each tile of data.

The level of consistency and currency and ability to integrate with our large scale products makes OS Terrain 5 a welcome addition for terrain analysis and 3D visualisation by a wide range of customers.

Below: OS Terrain 5 overlaid with OS VectorMap Local, OS MasterMap Networks Water Layer and OS MasterMap Networks Rail Layer

Update to OS Terrain 50 now available

OS Terrain is the new family name for our height products and we launched OS Terrain 50 in April this year as part of our OS OpenData product portfolio. The national scale 50 m grid format has already proved popular for download and we’ve now updated the grid and released the 10 m contours for the product. You can view and download OS Terrain 50 in grid and contour format via our website now.


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9 Responses

  1. Alex

    Technical Specification OS Terrain 50:

    “OS Terrain 50 has been compared with GPS points in a range of sample areas to provide a Route Mean Square Error (RMSE) value for the height points in each geographic area; urban and major communication routes, rural and mountain and moorland. OS Terrain 50 grid has been verified to be 4 m RMSE.”

    Only one RMSE value is given but the extract above suggests there are three RMSE values, one for each “geographic area”.

    What were the RMSE values for each respective geographic area?


    1. Gemma

      Hi Alex

      Thank you for the question. I’ve just checked with our Products team and they tell me that for ease of reading we rounded the figure up. The actual values from the RMSE test on OS Terrain 50 grid data are:

      OS Terrain 50 RMSE
      Urban – 2.980
      Rural – 3.602
      Moorland – 6.927
      All – 3.455

      The accuracy is expected to best on manually edited features. The product has been generated from source data containing major communication routes, such as motorways and rail networks. These have been captured to the same accuracy as urban areas no matter where they are so these have a consistent accuracy throughout GB.

      Many thanks

    1. Hi John

      Is there a problem with one of the links? I’ve just had a quick look and it’s all working for me. Let me know if there’s something specific and I can take another look.

      Thanks, Gemma

      1. John Wooloven-Allen

        Gemma, if I click the link “our website” under the heading “Update to OS Terrain 50 now available” above, it takes me to the Terrain 50 page, but that page never opens, just keeps looping round, and all the links on that page are useless, as is the back button. I have to close the session, and then reopen one to get back to this blog. I’m using Internet Explorer, is that relevant?

        1. Hi John

          We were just wondering if it was a problem with an older version of Internet Explorer as we’ve checked on Chrome, IE v10 and Firefox and can’t find an issue. Could you confirm which version of IE you are using so that we can try to replicate the issue? The team have advised it may also be worth clearing your cache fully &/or a machine restart and/or test in another web browser if available.

          Thanks, Gemma

          1. John Woolven-Allen

            Gemma, I think it’s the old IE we have at work (properties just says Internet Explorer.Ink). I will check at home but expect it works fine on chrome. Therefore sounds like our problem, not yours. Thanks.

  2. John Woolven-Allen

    Yes, the Terrain 5/50 web pages are broken. Appear to be stuck in a loop and permanently in a state of opening. But never actually getting there.

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