Try our Roman Britain map quiz

For us, December is the last month of the year, but for the Romans, the year ran from March to February, making December the tenth month. Roman Britain was a province of the Roman Empire, with the province extending as far north as the Antonine Wall (along the Forth-Clyde line and north of Hadrian’s Wall which many think of as the extent of Roman Britain).

Unsurprisingly, after such a prolonged period of Roman rule, there are Roman influences still visible in Great Britain today.  The Romans founded many towns and cities still in existence today as well as building an extensive road and sewer network.

As Roman Britain still forms a part of the national curriculum and there is such a huge interest in Roman sites and artefacts, we even produce an Ordnance Survey map of Roman Britain, showing key Roman sites overlain on modern road information.

To test your knowledge of Roman Britain, we’ve put eight Roman sites on the map. Let us know your answers on the blog.  


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