Could you find your way using a map and a compass?

We said a couple of weeks ago that we had wildlife and outdoors expert Simon King in our Southampton head office being interviewed on numerous radio stations about the importance of navigation and knowing where you are. Simon also filmed a short video for us that day. Filmed in the glorious New Forest, Simon and the camera crew interviewed a number of visitors to find out their navigation skills, before reminding us of the basics.

Watch the video below:

If you’re thinking about heading out to explore Britain, or further afield, and are worried that your map reading skills may not be up to scratch, we’ve got a range of ways to help you. Visit this blog to find out about map reading workshops, leaflets, video guides and more.

Download our OS Locate app, available free on iOS and Android, to ensure you know where you are worldwide. Choose between latitude and longitude or grid reference for your location:

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