Counting down to our new head office

I’ve already shown you some pictures of our new head office and told you about its previous life as a Bronze Age farm…but it’s not just about having a shiny new building, we’re doing our best to reduce our environmental impact too.

We’re hoping to reduce our carbon footprint by 250 tonnes each year, saving around 10% on our energy use with ground source heat pumps. The whole building will be heated and kept cool by the largest ground source heat pump system in Hampshire which consists of nearly 100 bore holes 90 metres deep connected to heat pumps which can either heat or cool the building (or both). Their cooling effect is the equivalent of 260 tonnes of ice melting over a 24 hour period – amazing! 

We’re also aiming to reduce our reliance on mains water by harvesting rainwater on our roof to be stored in 80,000 litre tanks underground. This could mean a 60% reduction in mains water usage and the water we harvest will be filtered and used for flushing the toilets and keeping the site irrigated. It makes the little water butts many of us have at home seem a little tame in comparison, maybe we should start thinking bigger! 


Combine that with the natural lighting from north-facing floor to ceiling windows, naturally ventilated offices with computer controlled windows, and kitchen waste being recycled on site and it looks like we’ll all be doing a bit more for the environment. Not to mention the computerised lighting system that responds to levels of external daylight and switches off and on to achieve lighting levels and reduce electricity consumption.  


As I’ve said before, it all sounds fantastic and I can’t wait for the autumn day when I get to move in and start using it. If you’d like to find out more or see more pictures, check out our website.