Getting ready for a Mappy Christmas!

What will you buy the map lover in your life this Christmas?

What will you buy the map lover in your life this Christmas?

Today on the Ordnance Survey blog we’re getting you ready for Christmas. At about this time last year we provided you with some ideas on what to buy the map lover in your life for Christmas.  We thought that we’d have another scout around and see what gifts are available this Christmas.

So let’s start with the obvious option from us – Ordnance Survey maps! In particular we have our OS Select maps that you can site centre on any location you like within Great Britain and then personalise the cover with your own message. We also have OS getamap where for just £30 you can subscribe for one year and have unlimited access to Ordnance Survey mapping, download authored routes and print A4 extracts of mapping at home.

If you’re looking for something slightly different – here are our top five map related Christmas gift options:

  1. Relax after your long walks with this compass cushion – just make sure that it’s always pointing in the right direction!
  2. How well do you know your local area? Get an OS Landranger Map jigsaw of your local area and see how quickly you can put your neighborhood back together!
  3. It’s a small world – and these are bite sized ones! These chocolate globes are perfect for a snack on your post Christmas lunch walk!
  4. Learn more about the history of your house with my house history portfolio – contains map extracts and documents pertaining to the history of your house.
  5. Keep hold of your money in this map wallet – made in part from recycled milk and water containers.

What other map related gifts have you seen this Christmas?

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Globally position yourself

If the map related gift ideas in last weeks blog didn’t inspire your Christmas shopping and instead you want something more hi-tec – perhaps a GPS device is something more for you? This week we’re going to give you some advice on what to look out for when shopping for a GPS device.

What is GPS?

GPS stands for “global positioning system”. It’s technology that was originally developed by the US government for military purposes – surveillance, monitoring, missile guidance etc. It works through a system of 24 satellites with different orbits in space which constantly beam back to earth location (latitude, longitude), altitude and time data that is pick up and interpreted by GPS receivers. At any one time a device is getting the data from between 4 and 10 satellites to pinpoint their location.

GPS works through a network of satellites beaming messages back to earth

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What to buy the map lover in your life this Christmas?

The clocks have gone back, the embers from bonfire night are out, the nights are drawing in and there’s a winter chill in the air. It all means one thing – Santa Claus is on his way. But what do you buy the map lover in your life this Christmas? We’ve been scouring the internet and have come up with some options for you.

First and foremost there is the OS Select map. Centred on any postcode or grid reference in Great Britain and available at OS Explorer (1: 25 000) or OS Landranger (1: 50 000 scale) these personalised maps are the perfect gift this Christmas. Centre the map on your house, favourite holiday spot or the perfect route to walk off the Christmas indulgences. Plus if you order before 31 December 2010 you get 20% off.

OS Select - bespoke maps from Ordnance Survey

OS Select - bespoke maps from Ordnance Survey

So what else is there map related that you could buy the map lover of your life this Christmas?

Christmas just doesn’t seem right without a jigsaw puzzle to have a go at.  Did you know you could get a map  jigsaw? With either 255 or 400 pieces you can have a jigsaw made of any area of Great Britain based on OS Landranger or OS StreetView mapping or even what the area looked like in Victorian times.

To beat the winter chill when out on a long walk – how about a map hip flask? Or if you’re going further afield in the New Year – why not get a map shower curtain to plan where in the world to visit next and a map luggage tag to take with you?

You could take a trip down memory lane this Christmas with historical maps.  Theough the Ordnance Survey map shop you can buy one inch to the mile maps of your area of Great Britain. The maps were revised in the late 19th century and first published in the early 1900′s.

When you sit down to your Christmas dinner this year – you could be eating off a historical map of your area with a place mat and coaster set made especially for you.

Have you found any other map gifts? What would you like to see mapping on as a gift?

Mappy Christmas!