Launching a GeoVation challenge on Mission:Explore

GeoVation winner’s Mission:Explore announced their support for a new GeoVation Challenge and a brand new Ordnance Survey ‘Viewpoint’ reward, both aimed at supporting children, families and schools in using geography in innovative ways.

They were announced during a presentation at the BETT Show on Saturday 14 January by Alan Parkinson from Mission:Explore. The GeoVation challenge will ask children to identify a food related problem in their community, think of a solution and come up with a plan for executing it. The best plans that also make use of Ordnance Survey mapping can win a slice of funding to help turn them into a reality. Children in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 can enter by doing a series of three GeoVation missions on Mission:Explore to win a GeoVation badge and then completing an entry form.

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Half term missions!

Mission: Explore has some great ideas for keeping your kids occupied this half term, with some new missions that will get your children out and about. Originally started in London, missions are now popping up all over Great Britain so keep your eyes peeled.

These are just a preview selection of the many missions in their new book released in the spring. You can also visit their website for a growing number of activities at various locations.

MET001 - Dice-nav

MET001 - Dice-nav

MEC002 – Toothpick archaeology

Use a toothpick to carefully uncover the past by digging into the ground. Draw a map of your finds.

MEC008 – Form a natural band

Make some instruments out of nature and make some music. Then put on a gig! Write out your lyrics or poem.

MEC0011 – Investigate alien landings

Set up and ‘alien investigation area’ around a dead grass spot left by a departed tent. Can you persuade anyone that aliens have landed here? Continue reading “Half term missions!”