Custom made maps

If the idea of unique or bespoke mapping appeals to you then no doubt you’ll already be well aware of our OS Explorer Map – Custom Made and OS Landranger Map – Custom Made range. These new products, launched earlier this year, allow you to site-centre your map on any location in Great Britain. They have proven to be a huge hit, with nearly 12 000 people ordering their own personal mapping of Great Britain.

Our custom-made maps are unique, because you can put your favourite spot (such as your house, your favourite hiking route, the best local pub or your walking group’s meeting place) at the centre. This fact hasn’t been lost on accommodation owners, such as those running bed-and-breakfasts and campsites. They understand that their visitors want to find out what’s on offer in the local area and of course Ordnance Survey maps show every landmark you might want to visit, from walking trails to castles. The interest we’ve had from the accommodation trade shows us that personalised mapping isn’t just a great gift idea.

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Life on the edge? Not a problem any longer!

Have you ever bought one of our maps and then discovered that the walk you are planning is right on the edge?

Well, this will no longer be a problem and map owners no longer face a life ‘on the edge’ thanks to a new range of customisable paper maps available from Ordnance Survey’s online map shop.

The much-loved orange OS Explorer Maps and pink OS Landranger Maps series has now been extended further with the introduction of a new custom made version allowing anyone to customise their own map, choose their own title and select an individual cover image from a wide selection photographs.

Matching the existing look and feel of the OS Explorer Map at 1:25 000 and OS Landranger Map at 1:50 000 scale, which are recognised as the definitive maps for outdoor activities, the custom-made version will be the same quality and detail which customers have come to love.

The maps are specially printed to order, including the customers’ own personal title, like ‘Our Family Holiday’, for example, as well as a pesonal choice from a wide choice of selected cover photographs.

A new production process means that Ordnance Survey custom-made maps are now printed on the same paper as standard ‘off-the-shelf’ Ordnance Survey maps. This makes them thinner, tougher, easier to fold and a practical option for outdoor activities.

The customer can choose to have the map delivered folded or flat and with or without a cover so that it can be easily used outdoors or framed for the perfect print in the home.

Ordnance Survey custom-made maps are available at and cost £16.99.