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Energy and infrastructure

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Improve your business with accurate location data

As a utilities company, relying on accurate geographic information (GI) is an integral part of your business. Our location data can give your organisation great benefits including increased profit, the ability to manage risk more effectively, identify change and provide quality standards and customer service.

It's not just about mapping, but the value our geographic data can add. It enables you to integrate and implement intelligent asset information and business data across your whole enterprise.

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Gas and electricity

Gas and Electricity providers are very commercially focused organisations. Geographic information generates significant financial savings through business efficiencies, improved risk management, data alignment and efficient external data exchange.


In the telecommunications world, Geographic Information is ideally suited for network planning and development. The ability to layer information onto the terrain, complete with attribute data, allows engineers the unique ability to model and assess a network from the office, saving valuable time.


Location is a vital aspect to the majority of companies operating in the airport industry. Be it selecting a suitable site, planning renewable energy solutions, managing assets, planning logistics or security; Ordnance Survey’s portfolio of digital mapping products are powerful business tools.


Geographic information plays a crucial role in underpinning the efficient operations and stringent regulatory returns that face the water industry, this includes the delivery of 16 billion litres of clean water and piping away of 10 billion litres of waste water per day.

Renewable energy

With the current drive to increase the amount of energy produced from renewable sources; Ordnance Survey’s datasets include a wealth of geographic information which can play a major part in enabling a developer to understand the potential of a particular site without the need for a site visit.


Location is a vital aspect to the majority of companies operating in the ports industry Be it selecting a suitable site, planning renewable energy solutions, managing important assets or planning logistics, location is a crucial element to operations.

Latest report

In exclusive research by Utility Week and Ordnance Survey, energy industry players were asked if they had good enough quality-addressing information to support the smart meter rollout.
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Business benefits

  • Evidence based investment strategies
  • Increased regulatory compliance
  • Reduce your liability for compensation payments
  • Common referencing and sharing of information
  • Integrated business operations
  • Improved business resilience
  • Increased efficiency


Whether it is asset information, emergency planning or capacity analysis; geographic information delivers a common platform on which the rail industry plans, operates and delivers an ever-improving service.

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