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Energy and infrastructure

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Relying on accurate location information is an integral part of your business. You need access to the latest data so that you can identify individual addresses, areas of higher ground and road, gas and water networks across Britain.

By integrating accurate location data with your own customer and business data, you can manage risk more effectively, identify change and ultimately provide quality standards and customer service.


Understanding the environment around your masts helps you to plan and improve your network coverage, meaning happy customers.

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Benefits of GI to your utility company

Geographic information has a huge impact on these sectors:
Utilities | Energy suppliers | Telecomms | Infrastructure

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Knowing exactly where your customers and assets are has a big impact on the supply of your electric, gas, water or renewable energy services.

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How to use our data in utilities

Combine your business data with our accurate mapping data and you'll see improvements to the way you manage your assets, plan for emergencies and communicate with your customers.

The benefits of location

Industry insights

Our mapping data in action

Our location data is used widely across the utilities industry to increase efficiency, improve business resilience and provide evidence-based investment strategies.

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