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Financial services

  • We don’t just see an ever-changing landscape of properties

    We see individual property data, so you can make more accurate business decisions.

  • Improve your underwriting to property level

    Combine our location intelligence with flood risk data from third parties to analyse flood risk areas and identify over 25% more properties.

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We see the detail, so you see the bigger picture

Whether you work for a bank, insurer, broker, loss adjuster or building society, our geographic intelligence can help your organisation improve efficiencies across the board. Download our range of free datasets today or have a look at our detailed premium datasets which can provide your business with added intelligence to maintain competitive advantage.


Use our geographic data together with your customer data and you'll be able to detect financial crime and mortgage fraud more effectively and increase your bank's efficiencies.

Use our data

Our customers

Ordnance Survey maps and datasets can help to fine-tune our offering to customers, explains LV='s Richard Ellis. Richard is just one of the insurance professionals who use geographic data every day.

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Underwriting and geographic information

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Discover the benefits that using geographic information from Ordnance Survey can bring to the insurance sector for underwriting purposes.

Insurance companies

Combine our accurate mapping data with your insurance data to improve your underwriting of flood risk and identify patterns such as clusters of suspicious insurance claims.

Our data can help

Get started with free OS OpenData

Our free range of geographic datasets will help you to understand how location-based information can deliver commercial advantage to your business.

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Video: industry figures on Flood Re

Download reports

Download our latest white paper reports:

What does Flood Re mean for lenders?

We appreciate how important it is to keep up to date with the latest developments on Flood Re, and are concerned how it potentially could affect lenders’ books. Which is why we’ve set up a special FAQ for lenders.

FAQ for lenders on Flood Re

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