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Helping your business

Learn more about how we can use our accurate, up-to-date geographic information to work with your business, and how we are helping organisations in energy and infrastructure, financial services and land and property.

Energy and infrastructure

Location data is about business, profit, managing risk, differentiation, standards, customer service – much more than just maps.

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Land and property

Whether selecting a suitable site, managing important assets or planning logistics, location is a crucial element to your customers' operations.

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Become a Partner

If you are interested in becoming an Ordnance Survey Partner, by adding value to or reselling our data, then please get in touch with us at New Business Enquiries.

Financial services

Whether you are a bank, insurer, broker, loss adjuster or building society, location intelligence can help your organisation.

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With location data you can identify the best site for opening a new store and learn about your competitor stores.

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Benefits of using our data

  • You will have the intelligence to make critical decisions
  • You are able to evaluate possible risks
  • You can identify opportunities and areas of improved efficiency
  • You will gain a competitive edge in your industry

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