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Land and property

Make better project decisions with location data

When you know detailed information about land and properties across Britain, you can make better business decisions. From assessing an area of land to planning a project, clarifying addresses or managing assets, you can rely on our location data – particularly as we update our system with around 10,000 geographic changes a day. And by working with one of our partners you can get even more out of our data.


Use location data including 3D building heights, to support your clients throughout all stages of a project; identify risk to land and reduce cost to your design.

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Property developers

The day-to-day decisions you make for your business rely hugely on location. Our data is so detailed, you know exactly where your assets are and where there's potential risk.

Location, location, location

Our partners

We work with a range of partners in the land and property sector. Between them, they can fulfil your data needs as well as offer consultancy services, so you can get the most out of our data.

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Intelligence publication

Get the latest on the impact location is having on the property market, including views from industry leaders:

Intelligence issue 11 – Autumn 2014 (PDF)

Intelligence issue 10 – Spring 2014 (PDF)

Intelligence issue 9 (PDF)


When facing a particularly challenging economic climate, our up-to-date map data can help you clarify individual addresses and boundary queries so often raised in property searches.

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Consulting engineers

Knowing that everyone is working from the same information is key to a project's success. Using the same location data you can be sure you engineer buildings that make the most of a site.

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You must have a licence to use our map data; check out the details to make sure you're covered.

Licensing information

Building information modelling

Professional bodies

We work with leading professional bodies to help you make better business decisions:


Housing associations

Manage each of your properties effectively with the help of our map data. You can assess development opportunities, identify property spread and learn what makes a good community.

Making better decisions

Our data can help your business

You can benefit from our map data like many architects, consulting engineers and other land and property professionals.

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