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Request a quote here. It’ll take you to our online ordering page where you can tailor your order to suit your needs and budget.

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Order from us if it's over £500, or you think you'll order regularly, and if you don't need any support with using GIS.

Planning application maps.
If you need any map data to help with a planning application, you can find it here.

From an OS partner

Order from one of our partners if you need software and perhaps consultancy as well as data; or if you have a smaller data order.

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In the public sector?

If you’re a government or public sector body, a selection of our products are available free under a mapping agreement.

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*Please note: a minimum order value of £500 plus VAT applies when ordering OS MasterMap or AddressBase data from us; a minimum of £100 plus VAT applies for all of our other data products. For full details, see our Business portfolio price list.