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Web Services

Web services - an overview

Welcome to the web services support page. Find out more about our products that help developers do more online with Ordnance Survey products and connect your data with ours.

OS OpenSpace

The OS OpenSpace® application programming interface (API) allows our maps to be embedded and displayed on your web page or online application. Access code samples, tutorials, documentation and support for our web map API.

Access OS OpenSpace support here.

OS OpenSpace Pro

Discover how to use our consistently styled maps and get access to technical support.

Access our OpenSpace Pro support page.

Other products:

Find out more about support on our range of OpenData products here.

OS OnDemand

Learn more about the delivery options, web map service (WMS) and web map tile service (WMTS) and see videos on how to connect to the services.

Get support for OS OnDemand.

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