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Our policy and practice

Ordnance Survey is committed to operating its pricing and licensing policy in a fair, open and transparent way. We encourage the use and exploitation of mapping and data by providing a wide range of licences that focus on how our customers wish to use our data and the rights we grant for those uses.

We have a series of Framework Licences covering the supply of Ordnance Survey Data direct from Ordnance Survey for use within a customer's business (Direct Customer) and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner (Partner).

The Framework Licences define the general trading relationships that we have with our customers, who will sign a Framework Licence for each particular type of relationship only once. Each framework is underpinned with a more detailed contract that deals with the rights being granted for the use of Ordnance Survey products.

We licence a number of free of charge OS OpenData products with very few restrictions on their use and re-use. Our OS OpenSpace API enables you to display our maps on your website free of charge.

We offer derived data terms including free to use terms.

In addition to our Framework and other licences, we continue to offer Licences to those customers who wish to copy our paper maps.

Land Registry Polygons

Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons have been created using OS MasterMap Topography Layer. If you wish to supply Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygons to third parties you will first need to accept their terms and conditions then enter into our Framework Contract (Partners) and Land Registry Polygons Contract. These Contracts can be entered into online through our OS Orders page.

Which licence or agreement might you need?

Use our interactive selector to choose the right licence for you.

See a brief summary of our licences here

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This framework contract covers the supply of digital data from us for internal business use. You accept further specific terms per product when you order.

This framework contract covers the supply of digital data from us for resale or distribution. Subsidiary contracts specify how you may sub-license our data.

Find out about copying Ordnance Survey paper maps either through our Paper Map Copying Licence or Publishing Licence.

OS style guide (PDF)

Details how and when to use our copyright statements, logos and legends.

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