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Partner Contract overviews

Under the terms of the Framework Contract (Partners), Licence Partners may only create and licence products and services for use within defined Contracts, under rights that are constrained by that contract.

In response to demand from partners, we have defined a number of Contracts and will consider defining more as market needs develop.

Currently, we have Contracts available for:

This contract allows you to use Ordnance Survey Data for the purposes of developing, evaluating, testing and demonstrating to third parties your products and/or services.

Ordnance Survey Data licensed under this Contract is for your internal use only, save for demonstrating your products and/or services to third parties.

Land Registry

This contract enables you to create datasets comprising Land Registry polygons.

This contract sets out the terms by which partners can resell Ordnance Survey data for an end user's own business use, meaning the internal administration and operation of their business. The terms mirror those of our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) including the newly added Free to use data terms.

Consumer Solutions Contract
This contract is designed to meet the needs of Partners providing consumers with Electronic products or services supplied as Online solutions via the Internet or mobile devices or as Offline Solutions for use on PCs', laptops, etc. in the form of leisure products or software packages.

Printed Products
This contract covers the use of Licensed Data to create paper products whose primary purpose is for use as a map. The products may either be printed onto paper or made available in an electronic raster format and not geo referenced.

User Derived Dataset Contract
This contract enables you to create datasets comprising polygons, points or attribution extracted from our data, together with additional third party data. The additional data must be a fundamental component of the dataset created.

Viewing, Tracking & Scheduling
This contract enables an end user to view Licensed Data that is hosted remotely. It also enables Licensed Data made available as part of a hosted service or software package to be used for the purposes of tracking and/or scheduling. Tracking in this context means locating and/or monitoring the movements of a transponder. Scheduling means pre-planning the movements of an object and/or obtaining instructions on how to get to, or route to, a destination.

The following overviews relate to Specific Use Contracts that continue to be available to partners under the Specific Use Framework Partner Licence Terms.

River Network Dataset
A dataset created by a Partner, using or which contains OS MasterMap® Topography Layer Hydrology Theme but no other Ordnance Survey data.

Web Developer Services
The provision of a service through a partner’s website whereby developers can access and use the partner’s API (application programming interface) and/or the Open Space API for the purpose of creating web applications for delivery to end-users.

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