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Licensing for Partners

You can get digital map data from us to include in your products and services, or for distribution/resale, by signing up to the Framework Contract (Partners), or FCP.

The FCP sets out the commercial relationship between us, and your obligations as a Partner.

As well as signing up to the FCP, you must sign up to a contract for a defined use. This is because our products can be used in diverse ways, and we reflect this in our licensing.

The FCP is an open-ended licence signed once by Ordnance Survey and the Partner. It defines the digital data products that may be licensed for exploitation, and the royalty models and amounts which apply to each product licensed for a defined use.

Defined use contracts last between one and four years. You can renew or extend these contracts as required.

FCP last updated: 1 October 2015.

To sign up, please email our New Business team. You will also need to apply for a Credit Account.

Partner Contract Overviews – our defined uses as mentioned above.

Partner Secure Page

Partners can view examples of the contracts, pricing examples and royalty calculators here using their login details. If you have trouble accessing this area please contact your Account Manager.

Details all the information you require about how to use our copyright statements, logos and legends.

A copy of our superseded Style Guide can be viewed here. You can continue to use this information up until 8 February 2016, although we would urge you to start using the new copyright statements, logos and legends as soon as possible.

This lists the products that can be licensed under each contract.

Contractor Use

You are permitted to sub-license data to Contractors for the purpose of providing work on your behalf, under the terms of the Standard Form Contractor Licence. Where a Contractor executes a Standard Form Contractor Licence before it has access to any licensed data (and you maintain it in force) you will be deemed to have complied with Clause 5.4 of the licence.

Latest News

We’ve made available a number of key changes to our licensing for partners.

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