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Boundary-Line contains the full hierarchy of local government administrative boundaries and electoral boundaries for Great Britain.


  • Mid. scale - regional

Data use

  • Names and gazetteers

Data format

  • Vector

With the growth and increase of political, social and demographic information now available, this product is an invaluable tool in a variety of markets.

Here are some examples of its use:

Local and Central Government - For demographic statistics, administrative decision making, planning applications and legal work. Environmental analysis is also becoming increasingly important, knowing where constituent boundaries are enables councils to know what they are responsible for.

Health authorities - for Health Authorities need to analyse social, economic and population screening to ensure that their services are effective and targeted.

Land and property - Boundary-Line is an invaluable aid for showing which administrative area the land is in for planning permission when planning new builds, both commercial and domestic.

Commercial use - targeting customers within specific areas for marketing and sales purposes. Using the ONS Government Statistical Service codes allows the linking of Boundary-Line polygons with census statistics for a wide range of analytical purposes

The product is free to view, download and use under OS OpenData™ terms.

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Case studies

Healthcare organisations like NHS Kent and Medway are improving the planning and redesign of their services via a web-enabled evidence-based application built around accurate geographic information.

A new web portal, underpinned by geographical information from Ordnance Survey, is helping to make electoral boundaries clearer.

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