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OS MasterMap products

OS MasterMap® is Ordnance Survey's most comprehensive product, containing a suite of different layers, each of which provides a different aspect of valuable mapping data for use in a Geographic Information system (GIS).


  • Large scale - local

Data use

  • Addressing
  • Height and imagery
  • Backdrop
  • Detailed Networks
  • Address and location

Data format

  • Vector

It is a continually updated database, containing 450 million geographic features found in the real world, from individual addresses to roads and buildings. Every feature has a unique common reference (a TOID) which enables the layers to be used together, including a layer of your own information.

OS MasterMap layers comprise:

The sections below explain each of the OS MasterMap layers and how they can help your organisation to visualise data and solve geographic and location based problems.

If you need further information on OS MasterMap, please also visit our OS MasterMap support page.

Case studies

Lovell funds designs and builds new homes as well as refurbishes and repairs homes. It uses Promap, an online system offering property professionals instant, easy and reliable access to Ordnance Survey mapping.

How roads authorities and utilities cooperated to produce a centralised national roadworks register with OS MasterMap at its core.

OS MasterMap Topography layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer provides a highly detailed view of Great Britain's landscape including individual buildings, roads and areas of land. In total, it contains in excess of 400 million individual features.

You can use this product for example, to assess risk (financial or environmental) or to aid in the management of items that relate to geographical features such as pipelines.

Find out more about OS MasterMap Topography Layer.

OS MasterMap ITN Layer

OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer maps Great Britain’s roads into a detailed logical model.

Road Routing Information provides route restriction information to enable route calculation and analysis. ITN’s Road Network theme includes all motorways, A roads, B roads, minor roads, local streets and private roads.

ITN Urban Paths provides supplementary links detailing made paths in urban areas across Great Britain.

Find out more about OS MasterMap ITN Layer.

OS MasterMap AddressLayer2

OS MasterMap AddressLayer2 links any property address to its location on the map.

It provides precise coordinates for more than 27 million residential and commercial properties in Great Britain.

Find out more about OS MasterMap AddressLayer2.

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer

OS MasterMap Imagery Layer provides you with a current seamless picture of Great Britain, as a set of aerial photographs. It gives a compelling visual dimension that cannot be gained from mapping alone.

This makes it perfect for monitoring features such as road markings, trees, pipes and paths.

Find out more about OS MasterMap Imagery Layer.

OS MasterMap Networks - Water Layer

OS MasterMap Networks – Water Layer maps Great Britain’s watercourses into a detailed logical model. Information from Environment Agency and Scottish Environment Protection Agency supplements the base network to provide useful additional information for users.

This product is currently in beta. Full release is planned for March 2014.

Find out more about OS MasterMap Networks - Water Layer.

OS MasterMap Sites Layer

OS MasterMap Sites Layer is a nationally maintained dataset that maps the detailed extent of important locations such as Airports, Schools, Hospitals, Ports, Utility and Infrastructure sites and more.

The points of access into these sites from the nearest road network, and routing points that reference the ITN Road Network are also provided.

From 1 December 2014, it will be availble as a free add-on for OS MasterMap customers.

Find out more about OS MasterMap Sites Layer.

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