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OS OnDemand

Why choose OS OnDemand?

OS OnDemand is a web map service, delivering rasterised data over the internet directly to your organisation, wherever and whenever it's needed.

  • removes the need to manage and store large amounts of OS data saving you time and money.
  • provides anybody, wherever they are located, with a consistent view of the latest OS data improving decision making.
  • the OGC compliant service is designed to provide instant access and can be seamlessly integrated with internal systems and existing GIS/CAD software, as well as the latest web browsers and mobile devices.
  • provides a secure, resilient, cost efficient solution to receiving the latest OS data enabling you to spend time on using it rather than managing it.

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Our web map service, it allows you and colleagues across your organisation to access your mapping data, wherever you are.

Developer access

If you are a developer, Licensed Partner or systems supplier, you can get free access to OS OnDemand to develop and test that your systems are compliant with ours.

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Openreach is always looking to improve how it works and the services provided to customers, which is why it is now making use of Ordnance Survey’s web mapping service, OS OnDemand.


Watch videos that explain how to connect to OS OnDemand via a range of popular GIS applications, download our user guide, read FAQs and much more.

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South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, the first public sector customer to use OS OnDemand, is using it to plan service delivery and to analyse and report more accurately and efficiently.

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Service options

OS OnDemand is available as either a Web Map Service (WMS) or a Web Map Tile Service. The WMS service is based on open standards and compliant with the Open Geospatial Consortium web services standard for use via a browser, mobile or a GIS.

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Improving the way customers request and receive information is helping to make The Coal Authority more transparent, cost-effective and efficient in delivering its services necessary to protect the public and the environment in mining areas now and for future generations.

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