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Strategi® provides a regional overview of the road network, railway lines, cities and wooded areas and is designed to support applications such as environmental analysis.


  • Small scale - national

Data use

  • Backdrop maps

Data format

  • Vector

This digital vector data product is the equivalent of Ordnance Survey’s 1:250 000 scale graphic maps. It is ideal for applications that require an overview of generalised geographic information.

It can be used to support a wide range of applications including; planning or environmental analysis. Users can geographically link their own business information with Strategi to analyse national trends or to provide a planning overview such as road scheme planning.

A gazetteer is included with this product as an easy way to be able to locate the names on the map data.

Suggested uses

  • Emergency planning
  • Environmental analysis
  • Statistical analysis to enable social or environmental decision-making

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Case studies:

NHS® staff across the country are being urged to get into SHAPE – a web-enabled, evidence-based application that is built around Ordnance Survey's accurate geographic information, that can radically improve the planning and redesign of health services.

Combining or sharing assets is just one of the ways in which public sector organisations are reducing costs and improving efficiencies, as the local council and NHS in Ayrshire demonstrate.

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For technical support, visit our Strategi support page or visit our OpenData support page.

How to use our data

We provide the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data in Great Britain.

Our data will need to be integrated in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to allow you to view, edit, overlay and manage different data formats and sources.

Our products, depending on their formats, will require different software. Some also require translation tools so please check with the system providers for the products you are interested in.

Have a look at our partner pages to learn more about solutions and services offered by our licensed partners.

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If you would like to start using this product straight away, please make use of the following options to get the most from OS OpenData:

  • Order the product to use in your GIS (Geographical Information System) and receive via a download or despatched to you on a DVD.
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