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OS MasterMap Topography Layer

Everything happens somewhere, from an event that requires an emergency response through to a customer decision to buy a product or subscribe to a service. Effective use of detailed topographic data generates a rich evidence base capable of supporting a large range of location related decisions.


  • Large scale - local

Data use

  • Detailed topography

Data format

  • Vector

OS MasterMap Topography Layer® is the most consistent, comprehensive, accurate digital representation of the geography of Great Britain available from a single source. It enables organisations to geographically enable business processes and underpins the nation’s biggest and most complex commercial organisations and sits at the heart of central and local government policies and processes.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer has been designed to provide a highly detailed representation of the topography of Great Britain which can be linked to location based information such as customer details and position & make up of physical assets.

Containing a rich set of geographical and heighted attributes, OS MasterMap Topography Layer combined with other Ordnance Survey datasets such as AddressBase, OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network and OS Terrain products, provides the basis for detailed analysis to inform you about real and potential impacts on your customers, your assets and your sites of interest.

Enabling your business to make smarter decisions

Planning and property development

Development of new plans and governance of the planning process requires accurate, current mapping to help plan and show both impact and context of proposed planning developments, OS MasterMap Topography Layer provides the accurate framework to make your business decisions upon.

Emergency response, incident and event management

Definitive, consistent and maintained large-scale location data is of paramount importance for emergency services who require detailed information to safely control and effectively respond to emergencies. Only OS MasterMap Topography Layer can provide the intelligence and content to permit effective scenario planning, situational awareness, strategic event management and support of security operations through its rich data content of both the natural and built environments

Asset registration and risk analysis

From pipelines to property portfolios and land registration, understanding where your high value assets are located and their relationship to surrounding risks and threats is key to their effective management. OS MasterMap Topography Layer and it’s detailed representation of the geography of Great Britain enables you to consistently and accurately identify and reference your assets so you can maximise their value and benefits to your business.

Environmental analysis

The detailed geometry, classification and attribution of the OS MasterMap Topography Layer enable your business to make informed decisions about how the environment impacts you. From flood modelling and water run-off, noise mapping, pollution modelling to land use and land cover analysis, this rich dataset allows you to gather, identify and communicate your findings to your customers and business partners.

Central and local government

Realising the enormous potential for the use of large scale geographic information across government departments to help deliver policies, efficiencies and best practises in the delivery of citizen services

Suggested uses

  • Asset management
  • Land and property planning and transactions
  • Rural and environmental analysis and policy-making
  • Risk assessment
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Customer service centres

See also

Download samples of OS MasterMap, AddressBase, OS VectorMap Local, Land-Form Profile, Code-Point and popular backdrop maps. Discover Data licence applies.

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Case studies

Lovell funds designs and builds new homes as well as refurbishes and repairs homes. It uses Promap, an online system offering property professionals instant, easy and reliable access to Ordnance Survey mapping.

FIND Maps has added value to OS MasterMap by reorganising the feature layers within the map, making it simpler to use for their customers.

How to use our data

We provide the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data in Great Britain.

Our data will need to be integrated in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to allow you to view, edit, overlay and manage different data formats and sources.

Our products, depending on their formats, will require different software. Some also require translation tools so please check with the system providers for the products you are interested in.

Have a look at our partner pages to learn more about solutions and services offered by our licensed partners.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer - learn more

OS MasterMap Topography Layer is the most intelligent mapping ever produced and is the tool for detailed analysis.

Building Height Attribute alpha release

For OS MasterMap® Topography Layer

The alpha release of OS MasterMap® Topography Layer – Building Height Attribute is now available for Topography Layer customers, providing a set of additional attributes for building heights that enhances and forms part of OS MasterMap Topography Layer. This first release comprises attribution for nearly 20 million buildings, covering approximately 8000km2 of the main towns and cities in Great Britain. The additional attribution can be used to make simple 3D visualisations of buildings and can assist a range of analytical applications across the both commercial and public sectors.

For more information and technical support, visit our OS MasterMap Topography Layer support page.

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For technical support, visit our OS MasterMap Topography Layer support page.

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We distribute free sample data under the terms of our Discover Data Licence to give an indication of what the data will be like.

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