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OS VectorMap District

OS VectorMap® District is a contextual or backdrop map data product that can be customised by selecting and styling geographic features to deliver the best presentation for your own data and location information.

What does OS VectorMap District offer?


  • Mid. scale - regional

Data use

  • Backdrop maps

Data format

  • Raster
  • Vector

This is a mid-scale digital vector and raster map data product that provides a district resolution view of the landscape.

The product provides a 'zoom-stack' of contextual products covering Great Britain, from a high level 'at a glance' view down to the 'zoomed in' view of OS VectorMap Local.

It supports a wide range of customer applications that use geographic information including:

  • asset management
  • clearly displaying your business location
  • flood assessments for councils
  • risk management, such as for fire services
  • supporting interactive web applications

What features does it include?

The topographic features are generalised representations of real-world objects that include:

  • buildings
  • roads
  • railways
  • hydrology and a selection of land cover features.

The product's non-topographical features include administrative and electoral boundaries, cartographic text and symbols.

March 2013: OS VectorMap District is now a fully maintained Ordnance Survey product.

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Case studies

West Midland Fire and Rescue Service avoids annual cost of £470 000 by developing and implementing in-house technology and software.

Following changes to waste disposal points, St. Edmundsbury Borough Council and Forest Heath District Council have used geographical information systems (GIS) to help reorganise bin collections, reduce carbon emissions and save £180 000.

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We provide the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data in Great Britain.

Our data will need to be integrated in a Geographic Information System (GIS) to allow you to view, edit, overlay and manage different data formats and sources.

Our products, depending on their formats, will require different software. Some also require translation tools so please check with the system providers for the products you are interested in.

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