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OS VectorMap products

OS VectorMap® is an evolving family of products that offers the choice of letting you create your own backdrop map data or selecting from our ready-to-use range.

How can OS VectorMap help you?


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Data format

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Do you struggle to interpret information because backdrop mapping competes with your data?

The ability to be able to customise a backdrop map so that it is suitable for any number of applications is now a reality.

The OS VectorMap family provides a seamless ‘zoom stack’ of backdrop map data. It includes vector and raster products from Great Britain 'at a glance'all the way down to a detailed street-level view.

What tasks can OS VectorMap help with?

When working on applications such as showing your location, asset management, planning, environmental analysis or risk modelling, our products can be uniquely customised to meet your requirements. If you are short on time or resource to customise your map data in-house, we also offer OS VectorMap products that are styled and ready to use in raster format.

Our OS VectorMap products include:

Find out more in the sections below.

OS VectorMap Local

OS VectorMap Local provides the content you need to create customised backdrop map data to maximise the value and presentation of your location data.

OS VectorMap Local is the most detailed of an emerging family of backdrop map data products. It has been designed to enable selection and styling of map data features to achieve the best geographic context for your application.

Alternatively, for efficient implementation, a ready-to-use, pre-defined raster version of the product is also available As a highly versatile product, it can be styled in the appropriate way to support a multitude of different geographic applications.

Learn more about OS VectorMap Local.

OS VectorMap District

OS VectorMap District is a contextual or backdrop map data product that can be customised by selecting and styling geographic features to deliver the best presentation for your own data and location information.

This is a mid-scale digital vector and raster map data product that provides a district resolution view of the landscape.

Available for free under the OS OpenData licence, the product is part of a 'zoom stack' of contextual products covering Great Britain, from a high level 'at a glance' view down to the 'zoomed in' view of OS VectorMap Local.

Find out more about OS VectorMap District.

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