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Public sector

  • Enabling savings of £34 million across government

    Since December 2013, members of our public sector agreements have used our data to deliver nearly £34 million in efficiency savings.

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  • Enabling smarter decision making across the public sector

  • Enabling smarter decision making across the public sector

Ordnance Survey works closely with a wide range of public sector organisations across England, Wales and Scotland. We help organisations to reduce time, save money and be more efficient in the delivery of public services.

Our work supports government initiatives to make services more efficient and effective for users, improving transparency, accountability, innovation and the accessibility of data across the public sector.

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA), which covers England and Wales, and the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), helps organisations to deal with a wide range of challenges, supports closer collaboration and the delivery of joined-up services, and makes use of geographic and location data across a range of applications.

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We are encouraging local authorities to use our free mapping data under the PSMA and OSMA to benefit a new initiative, Future Cities. It aims to address the future needs of our cities to help improve infrastructure and quality of life, and you can find more information on our Future Cities page.

Improved guidance about the public sector Member Licences

Have a look at the licensing guidance to see what the PSMA and OSMA Member Licences enable in support of their public sector task, and how the members can interact with other organisations and citizens.

Not a member?

Have a look at eligibility criteria for the PSMA and or the OSMA. If you think you are eligible for one of them, please use the link below

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Who are our public sector members?

To date, over 3,600 organisations have joined the PSMA and around 100 organisations are now members of the OSMA. These include local authorities, district councils, health departments, national park authorities, emergency services and many other public sector bodies.

Download a list of PSMA members (xls) (updated 4 Dec 2014)

Download the OSMA members list (PDF)

Need to find another member near you? - use our 'nearest member' map

Public Sector case studies

Obesity is a huge problem in the UK. In Birmingham, 29% of the adult population and 25% of 11–12 year olds are obese. Therefore, tackling it is a priority.

A collaborative pilot project, facilitated by Welsh Government and led by Newport City Council and Cardiff City Council, is improving the management of addresses by linking electoral registration, revenue and benefits and other systems.

Ordnance Survey data underpins a new joined-up service that enables people to notify a birth, death or change in circumstance only once, improving efficiency and delivering cost savings.

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue (SFR) is using Ordnance Survey data, now supplied through the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), to enhance the quality of incident information for all personnel attending emergencies.

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