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Local government

Delivering more for less

The pressure on your budget is unrelenting. At the same time, you are being asked to do more with fewer staff. Efficiency savings, smarter ways of working and joined-up thinking are therefore essential.

Thanks to the PSMA (or OSMA in Scotland), you have access to highly detailed map and address datasets that help you, for example, to make flooding contingency plans, to plan optimal refuse collection rounds, or to reconfigure school bus routes to meet growing demand.

Providing accurate street-level maps on your website is also a great way to enable citizens to report broken street lights, fly tips and other blights on everyday life.

Using OS data, KaarbonTech has delivered a solution to Surrey County Council that has saved £50k in year 1 and improved grit bin provision for residents.

OS MasterMap Networks Water Layer has helped Dundee Council and other organisations to draft effective flood risk management policies.

By introducing a new online reporting tool, Poole Borough Council has increased the number of website users and become more efficient, while saving money.

By automating their Local Land Charge process and introducing GIS Teignbridge District Council has reduced the amount of time and staff needed for each search.


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