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One Scotland Mapping Agreement

  • OSMA

    Putting geographic information at the heart of policy and service delivery across Scotland

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The One Scotland Mapping Agreement (or OSMA) membership gives you access to high quality mapping in a digital format which brings many benefits and supports a wide range of business activities. Access to Ordnance Survey mapping data can also help solve problems by visually sharing complex data on a map background.

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What is the OSMA?

The OSMA represents an excellent example of cooperation between Scottish Government and Ordnance Survey. It demonstrates how the Scottish public sector, working in partnership, can improve the way that public services are provided to the people of Scotland.

The OSMA offers members instant access to a vast digital resource, while the licensing terms allow users to exchange information with any stakeholders involved in government activity – including the voluntary sector. Coupled with the ability to work seamlessly across central and local government and the health sector in Scotland, the agreement makes cross-organisational working easier, helping to reduce the duplication of effort and costs, and drive innovation.

However it is used, location-based information can aid policy making, support the delivery of information to citizens, drive down costs and enable the development of e-government services.

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What are the benefits of membership?

Using OSMA data:

If you are a public sector organisation based in England or Wales, please visit the Public Sector Mapping Agreement section of our site.

Who can join?

A wide range of Scottish public sector organisations can join the agreement including:

  • Central Government departments
  • Local Government authorities and community councils
  • Health organisations (NHS Trusts, Health authorities, Public Health Authorities)
  • Search and rescue contributor organisations and emergency responders
  • Passenger transport executives

Find out how customer groups benefit from OSMA membership on our 'who can join' page

OSMA membership list (XLS)

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