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The benefits of PSMA membership

To learn more about the benefits of PSMA membership, please read below.

Key benefits of PSMA membership:

Joining the PSMA brings a host of benefits to member organisations, these include:

  • Access to a single source of mapping data to promote a more unified approach to the delivery of public sector services in England and Wales
  • Allows you to make more informed decisions, through a more visual analysis of data, resulting in resouce savings and efficiency improvements
  • Access to digital data also supports better planning to meet e-governance targets and initiatives
  • Common terms of use across public sector organisations supports parternships and greater levels of collaboration
  • Members can now (as of 1 April 2014) also benefit from Royal Mail's PAF Public Sector Licence

Examples of activities supported by PSMA membership

Membership and access to accurate digital map products now supports many different business activities for over 3,600 members. Here are some examples of the types of activity that membership supports.

  • Providing public services (usually the core business of any public sector body)
  • Risk management (Safety,protecting critical infrastructure, fire and flood prevention)
  • Environmental analysis (Managing the impact of any activity and working to protect our environment)
  • Asset management (Put your buildings and physical assets on the map)
  • Contingency planning (Be ready for a disaster and plan to reduce the impact and speed up recovery)
  • Transport and navigation (Making effective and efficient use of roads and transport networks)
  • Protection and security (Planning and analysing responses to incidents nd reducing risks)
  • Reducing public sector fraud (Reducing the cost of fraud to the public sector)

If you are interested in real-life examples of these activities, please visit our case study finder

Common terms and collaboration

Having all members under the same agreement terms means there are no limits to sharing data between organisations, as part of delivering your public sector ‘core business' activities (see definition in our public sector licensing guidance). This can include sharing data with your contractors and other parties who are working with you on a particular project.

Don't forget that you need to have licensing, for the same geographic area to share data between organisations - Find out more in our public sector licensing guidance.

What are the Government's objectives for the PSMA?

The PSMA will provide the public sector in England and Wales with a portfolio of definitive Ordnance Survey data products, available on consistent licence terms, and will
be centrally-funded by DCLG on behalf of the rest of the public sector.

The PSMA came into effect from 1 April 2011 and is a 10 year agreement. The PSMA is expected to deliver significant efficiency savings and improvements in public service delivery for the benefit of individuals and businesses in England and Wales during this time. The PSMA will increase transparency and efficiency of the public sector through:

Specific focus areas for the PSMA include:

  • enabling more effective joint working between all public sector bodies;
  • widening access to geographic data;
  • increasing the use of geographic data for strategic and local public sector decision
  • making and service delivery; and providing a licensing framework that enables more collaborative working with software delivery partners.

Who can join the PSMA?

The PSMA covers nearly all public sector organisations in England and Wales. To find out if you are able to join, please visit our eligibility page.

Join the PSMA

If you would like to become a member of the PSMA, please start your application by using the link below.

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