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Town, parish and community councils

  • Improving services for local communities

    Case studies

Ordnance Survey provides mapping data to town, parish and community councils through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement. This mapping data allows communities to identify trends and spot opportunities to improve services to their local population.

How to use mapping data

In this introduction to mapping data for Town, Parish and Community Councils, learn what software you need to use map data, what it enables...

If a picture can paint 1,000 words, imagine what a map of your local information could show. Geographic information can help identify the location of the problem you’re looking to solve. You can share complex information visually on a map background, and then share these local issues with your community and interested parties.

Town, parish and community councils are using mapping to:

  • Plan community events and road closures
  • Manage risks of surface water flooding
  • Record health and safety inspections
  • Develop community planning applications
  • Profile resources and assets for future community needs
  • To show developments within a neighbour plan.

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How to join?

Membership of one of these agreements gives a public sector organisation access to a range of Ordnance Survey products. the PSMA (which covers England and Wales) and the OSMA (which covers Scotland) helps organisations to deal with a wide range of challenges and makes use of geographic and location data across a range of applications.

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Useful links

Learn about the different software available so help you get the most from digital map products available through the psma and osma agreements.

If you are a member of a mapping agreement and have a great story about using our products, why not share your story with us.

Public sector support

If you work for a parish council or community council and need additional support about joining a mapping agreement or using geographic data, please use this page to direct you to additional guidance.

Case studies

Dauntsey Parish Council has successfully combined local knowledge with Ordnance Survey digital maps to help it undertake a professional analysis of local flood impacts and risks.

According to Aberystwyth Town Council, the introduction of digital mapping has saved them a huge amount of time and effort.

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