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End User Licence

Guidance on our public sector End User Licence.

Our Ordnance Survey (OS) Member Licence allows you to pass OS licensed data (which includes your derived data) to anyone who supports, or interacts with you in the delivery of your core business.

The End User Licence (EUL) should be used when publishing your information for others to download as data, or where you are sharing information with a third party that goes beyond any INSPIRE-related activity.

Use this licence when you don't have formal arrangements in place

The Public Sector End User Licence can be used with individuals, voluntary and community groups or other similar bodies who require (or you wish to provide) data where you don’t have to have any formal arrangements in place. The onus is on the recipient to honour the terms of the End User Licence.

Acceptance of the End User Licence terms is based on a ‘click to accept’ method; however, it is acknowledged that this is not always appropriate.

A licence to protect you

To help protect you, we have created an End User Licence for you to use that includes all the relevant terms. It’s simple to use. Download it, complete the three fields indicated and send it to your End User. It takes effect on click acceptance by them.

Download the End User Licence

End User Licence (docx)

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