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Media licence

Use OS maps free in TV, film and printed articles.

We encourage the use of OS maps in the media, across TV, films, print and online. All we ask is that you register for our free media licence.

Use OS maps for TV and in films

Our maps feature regularly on screen in TV and film across news, dramas and documentaries.

The OS media licence has no expiry date and covers repeats, internet on-demand services, resale and distribution of the programme or film.

Publish OS maps online and in print

Newspapers, magazines and news websites can all take advantage of the free media licence to support stories and features with OS maps.

Use our images and maps on your website and in print. You can use up to 1,000cm 2 of maps in a single issue (a single extract can be up to 625cm2) with our media licence.

Dos and don'ts

Sign up for free

Our media licence has no expiry date and it covers repeats.

Fill out our short form to tell us where you'll be using OS data. 

Register for a media licence