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MSc dissertation programme 2014/2015

Have you considered collaborating with an industrial partner for your MSc dissertation?

How about teaming up with Ordnance Survey who has over 10 years’ experience of supporting MSc projects?

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for, see below to find out how Great Britain's national mapping agency can help turn your dissertation idea into a success.

What can OS offer?

It’s a great chance to work with a high-profile industrial partner and gain valuable insight into the world of research.

There's a wide range of exciting research topics to choose from, all looking at key research issues.

You’ll be rewarded for your efforts – up to a possible £1,000 on completion. This experience will be an excellent boost to your CV.

What you have to do

1. Visit our Research web pages
Have a look at our Research web pages to get an understanding of our work.
Look at our research topics for more guidance.

2. Develop an idea for a project
Come up with a project that links into our research activities or challenge us with an idea of your own outside these themes. We suggest you discuss your ideas with your university supervisor.

3. Write a proposal
Write a brief project proposal (1-2 sides of A4) describing your idea making sure you include: overview, objectives, methodology and planned deliverables.

4. Send us your proposal
Email your proposal to us

What will we do?

1. Respond within a week
We will review your proposal and reply to say whether we can support your project. If we can, we may offer suggestions we think are necessary to focus the research.

2. Arrange a meeting at our Southampton office
Having accepted your proposal, we will arrange a meeting at Ordnance Survey with your Ordnance Survey advisor to discuss the project in greater detail.

3. Provide guidance and support
In conjunction with your university, we will help support your project with advice and, where necessary, provide specialist data.

4. Project presentation
Once your project is complete we will invite you to discuss your findings and present your results to a small group at Ordnance Survey.

Other useful information

We have no submission deadlines for your project proposals. Your only deadline is with your university. In choosing whether to accept your proposal we will consider:

> how closely your proposal fits with our own research work and interests;

> whether you have demonstrated a good understanding of the research topic;

> the extent to which your proposal demonstrates you have taken an interesting and challenging approach to the project;

> the number of students and the range of topics already accepted on the Programme.

We’ll cover all reasonable travel expenses to our office, related to us supporting your MSc dissertation. Attending the final presentation meeting is necessary to receive your award. The amount of any award will reflect:

> the critical approach you adopt;

> your commitment shown in tackling the research and your level of engagement with Ordnance Survey;

> the quality of your final report.

Contact us

For more information:

Contact: Anne Patrick, Research Project Coordinator

Email: universityenquiries@os.uk

Phone: (+44) 023­80 055770

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