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Digimap for Schools

  • Teaching with Digimap

    Teachers bring geography to life with Digimap for Schools

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Digimap for Schools, offers unlimited site-centred maps. Bring your maps to life with annotation tools allowing you to add your own features such as polygons, text labels and point markers.

Buy an entire school use license for just £69 - £143.75.

What is Digimap for Schools?

Find out what the service can offer you, whether you are a teacher or a pupil.

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Digimap for Schools trial

You can evaluate the content of Digimap for Schools, by using a free trial. The trial area is of Derby and enables you to zoom, annotate and print maps.

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Digimap for Schools - news and resources

Find out the latest news about Digimap for Schools and see what resources are available for you to use.

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MapStream provides access to a single stack of up-to-date Ordnance Survey digital mapping for the whole of Great Britain for streaming direct into your GIS package.

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Other useful information

Our digital mapping data is available to Higher and Further Education institutions via the Digimap.

We offer a variety of teaching resources for geography lessons at primary and secondary level. These range from election mapping to investigating gradients.

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