OS Maps 12 months recurring subscription


The most detailed view of Great Britain on all your devices. 12-month recurring subscription to all 607 OS Leisure Maps. Find, plan & follow routes with AR, 3D & more.

Easily discover, plan and follow your routes in the great outdoors with 3D imagery, aerial flythroughs, augmented reality and offline access.

The 12-month auto-renewal is our best value plan, saving you 20% on a standard subscription. One Premium subscription includes both web and app

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“Brilliant Product”

‐ 16 August 2019

[Review first added 20/4/2019]

Had this program from the day it was issued, it has improved so much in its capabilities and ease of use. I was never bothered with GPS for my cycling but it is fun and handy using this. Great too, for planning a route and finding where I am in the middle of a forest. Would be good if log on keyboard on iPhone changed to a log on keyboard with the @ and .co.uk options but that is a minor quibble.

“Neat but a few bugs”
Kenny Stocker

‐ 16 August 2019

[Review first added 19/8/2017]

I subscribed to a single month for a 2 week walking trip to Scotland. I liked how simple the apps interface is but in practice I found some features a little buggy.

I downloaded some routes from walkhighlands.co.uk and also downloaded the relevant maps to view offline before leaving as I couldn't be sure I would get 3G in Scotland.

In practice sometimes the map would appear without the route overlay, on other occasions I would get the overlay but not the map.

I also found the compass to be pretty useless. It would not refresh smoothly (whereas the phones built in compass would be super smooth).

Installed on iPhone 6.

“GPS device”

‐ 16 August 2019

[Review first added 18/4/2018]

Can i use this to download/upload maps onto my Garmin device?
[Editors note: No - Garmin devices will only work with maps from Garmin. We have some in the most popular GB ones in the shop, but the full range is available on Garmin.co.uk. You can, however, transfer planned or recorded routes between OS Maps and any Garmin GPS]

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