Agim: Business Development Manager

My journey with OS began in May 2014.  I joined the company from the Financial Services world where I was working for a well-known Ratings and Research business, so it’s safe to say my background couldn’t have been further from mapping if I’d tried! 

My role is that of a Business Development Manager (fancy name for a sales person) and I absolutely love what I do. In summary, an OS BDM is responsible for selling our services and solutions to customers within their target market.

One of the deciding factors for leaving the City behind to join OS was the flexibility my role provides – I get to work from home, and travel throughout the country meeting new and interesting people as often as I choose (internationally too as OS is becoming more established in new markets globally).

Additionally, the company encourages staff to experience new roles and continually develop their learning. I’ve been afforded the flexibility to apply my knowledge and experience throughout different sectors and internal divisions which has helped me immensely.

There is a wonderful support structure within the business which ensures I am always able to deliver a great service with every customer engagement.

The people really do make OS a great place to work. I’ve been able to achieve great success because of the willingness of my colleagues who support me at every opportunity. 

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