Chris: Associate Visual Designer

After graduating from design school and working within the web design space, I decided I fancied the idea of designing user interfaces for native mobile applications. I was fortunate enough to land a role within the Interactive Experience team as an Associate Visual Designer, and I’ve never looked back since.

Since I’ve been here my team has really supported me, strengthening and expanding my knowledge not only in visual design, but also in the user experience design space which is totally new to me. This has made my role incredibly fulfilling as I’ve been able to “learn on the job” (so to speak), which is a golden opportunity. The culture within our team is great – we share knowledge, bounce concepts off each other and challenge ideas, which results in stronger designs and a massive feeling of accomplishment.

Outside of OS, I cycle my mountain bike a fair bit, play a few video games and collect House and Techno records – although I’ve had to stop as I’ve run out of room.

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