Kimberley: Data Manager

Originally from Australia, I accepted a job with OS via a Skype call. I’m a qualified geologist with a background in cartography and GIS consulting, and decided to make the leap to the UK and take the role of Data Manager.

With OS’s head office based on the South Coast, I’ve been lucky to spend my spare time exploring a beautiful part of the world, whilst building on a rewarding career. What struck me when I joined, was the supportive team culture and welcoming people; it didn’t take long to realise I was amongst a group of very passionate, talented professionals.

OS is the sort of place where if you want to take your career in a certain direction, there’s room to do so and you’ll be supported. The flexibility to pursue new opportunities means that I’ve been fortunate to gain experience with our International team through a secondment in the Middle East. OS also offers a great work-life balance and I’ve made many new friends through the cycling and running clubs.

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