Hear from our graduates

Amy: Technical Product Manager

My career with OS started in 2013 when I joined as part of its Graduate Scheme.

Having a Geography degree with a particular focus on GIS, a discipline which revolves around mapping information, I thought I was relatively familiar with the work of OS. However, it’s only since joining the organisation that the full extent of the work that it does, and its far-reaching effects, has become clear.

My career at OS has been full and varied so far. After successfully training to be a Technical Product Manager in the Products and Innovation dept, I have moved off the Graduate Scheme into this position.

My role is a broad one, allowing me to get involved with a wide range of projects, and giving me the ability to develop my career into the areas I choose.

I frequently visit our customers to understand how our data underpins what they do; allowing organisations as varied as the police, insurance companies, and the navigation and leisure sectors to function effectively.

Joseph: Product Development Graduate

I started at OS as a summer intern investigating new and interesting ways to visualise geographic data. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the team spirit and most of all the ability to develop myself while being surrounded by experts, who were all willing to help. I even acquired a small bit of fame for my work on the OS Minecraft project.

My experience from this inspired me to join OS’s graduate scheme, and I’m really glad I did. It has given me the opportunity to work in many different parts of the business and with a wide range of people. I’ve received really great support from each of the teams who have encouraged me to develop my technical skills further, into new areas such as programming and web mapping.

I’m currently researching 3D data and how we can best utilise it to enrich our data. I absolutely love the challenge it provides, especially as I get to experiment with some of the latest technology.

I’m now one year into the graduate scheme and about to begin my third placement in Operations. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at OS so far and look forward to the future.

Jack: Presales Consultant

I joined the OS graduate scheme in 2012 as a Product Developer, which meant I was helping to build new products and services that our customers were asking for. Coming in as a graduate opened a lot of doors for me, and I made as many contacts across the business as I could in my first year.

I worked on some interesting cross-business projects, and joined our Commercial team as a consultant last year. Now I spend around half of my time doing development work, and the other half meeting face-to-face with customers.

OS is unique because we do so many different things. This means the chances are that you’ll find something that matches your interests and strengths. If you’re self-directed and open to opportunities, OS has a lot to offer.