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How location data can help you respond to Covid-19

Find location data and support from Ordnance Survey (OS), to help with a Covid-19 initiative.

Need location data quickly during the Coronavirus pandemic?

We offer category one and two responders our Mapping for Emergencies (MfE) service, where you can access geospatial data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - at no cost to the user. 

Help using geospatial data during Covid-19

Support for those new to OS

Get access to free location data and support from OS. This is for developers and anyone who isn't working within the public sector or with an OS Partner.

Support for public sector organisations

The public sector can access location data - free at the point of use - to support responses to Covid-19 across Great Britain.

Support for OS Partners and customers

Get the support you need - including updated terms to your licence - as you use OS data to build solutions to help the Covid-19 crisis.

The latest articles

Webinar - Social distancing in urban areas and quality mapping

Accessing information quickly is the norm. As individuals, we can find the closest bank and supermarket at our fingertips. But what about those responsible for allocating resources in a crisis like the current pandemic how can they find key information quickly?

Webinar - How OS data can support your response to Covid-19

Learn how features in OS's data can provide critical information fast. And by incorporating a simple principle, we show how data sets can be much easier to share.

How to improve data quality and get faster responses for your community

Data is being relied on to provide insight, context and to take decisive action in the fight back against Covid-19. Here’s how we’re looking after our data.

Webinar on how OS Partners are here to support you

OS Partners have been taking advantage of Covid-19 specific licensing terms, and this webinar is an opportunity for you to see what they have achieved.

Free, easy-to-use data

OS Open Zoomstack

Zoomstack shows national to street-level detail, and you can easily overlap your data on this map.

Support using OS OpenData

Our OpenData products are available for anyone to use, for any purpose. Find out how to get started.

APIs and tools

Follow step-by-step guides on how to use OS APIs for your solution.

More useful datasets


Ordnance Survey's addressing product, AddressBase® matches 28 million Royal Mail postal address to unique property reference numbers (UPRN), bringing a geographical dimension to the matched records.

OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

OS MasterMap® Highways Network is the most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain. It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads.

Points of Interest

Points of Interest® is the most comprehensive, location-based directory of all public and privately-owned businesses, education and leisure services in Britain.

OS Open Greenspace

Finding green spaces has never been easier. Use OS Open Greenspace to identify the location and extents of spaces such as local parks, outdoor spaces and sports facilities.