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Covid-19 latest news

Insights from experts responding to the pandemic

Discover insights from experts in our series of Covid-19 related articles and webinars.

How to improve data quality and get faster responses for your community

Data is being relied on to provide insight, context and to take decisive action in the fight back against Covid-19. Here’s how we’re looking after our data.

Webinar on how OS Partners are here to support you

OS Partners have been taking advantage of Covid-19 specific licensing terms, and this webinar is an opportunity for you to see what they have achieved.

How AddressBase and Points of Interest can help your Covid-19 response

Accessing information quickly is the norm. As individuals, we can find the closest bank and supermarket at our fingertips. But what about those responsible for allocating resources in a crisis like the current pandemic how can they find key information quickly?

Webinar on how OS data can support your response to Covid-19

If you’re working with data and responding to Covid-19, learn how we can help you with location data analysis.

The story of CoronaFriend

Open data and vector APIs helped a simple idea become a reality to support vulnerable people during the lockdown.

Webinar on using location data during Covid-19

Listen to our latest webinar on how location data can help you respond to Coronavirus.

A round-up of the support available

Here's all you need to know about accessing location data and getting the support you need during this crisis.

Using geospatial data to support crisis management

Find past examples of how location data has been used in an emergency - and how you can use it now.

Thematic mapping techniques

Our GeoDataViz team talk us through their thematic mapping techniques and explain when and how these techniques should be used

Message from our CEO

Our priority is the health of our customers and our people.