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Lisa Allen, Head of Data Requirements & Partnering

By Lisa Allen

Head of Data Requirements & Partnering

Ordnance Survey has some of Great Britain’s most valued geospatial data. It’s woven into the very fabric of everyday life, right across the country. This means we can help customers responding to the pandemic with data and support to answer their questions regarding essential services and where these are located. For example, where pharmacies, GPs, care homes, supermarkets, hotels and transport hubs are located. We have this data to hand.

Our data is core reference data, available to all government agencies, free at the point of use. Core reference data provides a standard. This improves consistency, and the ability to link or build in other data sets. Which improves the quality of data and the quality of the information derived from it.

By including core reference data such as AddressBase, a frame of reference is offered which gives greater meaning. Data analysis can take place or simple actions such as sending letters to vulnerable people in a specific area informing them of vital services.

All addresses in AddressBase are allocated a unique property reference number (UPRN), linked to other salient data and quality assured. By including location reference data, it makes it easier for different organisations to share or compare like with like, supporting reliable data analysis and ensuring consistency.

With our data underpinning so many decisions, we must safeguard it; ensuring it meets our customers’ needs. We do this under the guidance of our data principles which aim to ensure our customers can trust, find and use our data.

At the heart of these principles is ensuring we treat data as a valuable asset. Giving data the time, resources and prioritisation it needs. From making sure we care for our data by having accountable people internally giving a voice to the data, to ensuring we secure and protect it.

Standardisation is one of our principles. It enables our customers to find and share our data easily and to use it. Having our data used as core reference data across many government departments ensures we are all working to the same standard.

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