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New to Ordnance Survey and need location data during Covid-19?

Learn how you can access free location data and resources through a range of licences and channels, during the Covid-19 crisis.

Who is this page for?

This page is for developers and anyone who is not part of the public sector or already an Ordnance Survey (OS) Partner, who needs geospatial data and support for a Covid-19 initiative.

Download open data (free)

The first and quickest route to getting location data is to consider the numerous (OS) OpenData options:

  • OS Open Zoomstack – shows national to street-level detail, and you can easily overlap your data on this map.
  • OS Open Greenspace – contains the location and extents of spaces such as local parks, outdoor spaces and sports facilities.
  • OS Open Names – for greater detail at a street-level or postcode-level, and a comprehensive dataset of place names, road numbers and postcodes for Great Britain.
  • Code-Point Open – provides a precise geographic location for each postcode in the UK.

OS products are available in a range of formats including easy-to-use geopackage, from raster to vector. Download OS OpenData.

Collaborate with an OS Partner

An alternative to developing a solution yourself, is to work with an OS Partner already providing OS data in a range of solutions and software. OS Partners can offer free data under specific terms for Covid-19 initiatives, including Esri UK and Europa Technologies Ltd.

Find out more about our Partners.

Free education resources during Covid-19

If you’re a student or education provider, you can access data from Edina for free.
Discover the education resources available.

Covid-19 licence offers various premium OS products free of royalties

We offer a licence for new users (PDF), specifically for Covid-19 initiatives.

You can access OS premium data* free of royalties until the end of July 2021 if you're: a business supporting a local authority with a community initiative, building an application or solution to meet the needs of a community, or using data to meet the needs of those who are vulnerable during Covid-19. 

Does not include AddressBase Islands or OS MasterMap Highways Network speed data

What can you do with the licence?

  • Use mapping data to visualise and provide context for third-party datasets. For example, mapping demographic data to allow users to recognise areas with an ageing population.
  • Create a web or mobile app with easy-to-use location data. For example, to support your community in keeping in contact, finding resources, and sharing local information.
  • Use new demand models to plan the allocation of scarce resources with public sector organisations. For example, to help transport equipment to hospitals.

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