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Geospatial data for Partners and customers responding to Covid-19

Our Partners and customers can use geospatial data as part of solutions to help the Covid-19 crisis.

We’re here to support Ordnance Survey (OS) Partners and customers through this national Coronavirus outbreak. As a customer you can use our geospatial data in many different ways.

You can:

  • Use mapping data to visualise and provide context for third-party datasets. For example, mapping demographic data to show areas with an ageing population.
  • Identify and understand the proximity of key services in specific areas. For example, to find the nearest pharmacist.
  • Use new demand models to plan the allocation of scarce resources with public sector organisations. For example, to help transport equipment to hospitals.

What geospatial data is already available? 

You can access our data in a number of ways:

  • Download OS OpenData – this is free for anyone to use.
  • As an OS Partner or customer, you can provide premium OS data via your solution – free of charge – to any member of the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) or One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), under our existing contractor licence
  • If neither of these are suitable we’ve added extra terms to our existing licences to help you support Covid-19-related services and solutions until the end of September 2020.
  • If you’re supporting a public sector organisation, you may be able to gain additional support through Mapping for Emergencies (MfE).
  • Access bespoke datasets which you can replicate for any region in Great Britain. These datasets include: 
    • The location and addresses of care homes, pharmacies and GP practices
    • Supermarket chain areas
    • The location of hotels
    • The location and areas of car parks
    • Hardstanding areas
    • Electricity sites and lines
    • Transport hubs and networks
    • Provision of our products pre-cut into local resilience forum areas
  • You can also get technical guidance and support from us, to meet the needs of government.

Who do I contact for geospatial support?

In the first instance please contact your account manager/primary contact at OS.