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Lists and registers

Information Asset Register (IAR)

Ordnance Survey holds vast quantities of information, including databases, collections of statistics and research. The Government is committed to making its services and information available to all and therefore all government department information is held within a searchable database called the Information Asset Register (IAR).

To search these records and find out more about IAR, simply visit Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI) website.

Place of deposit

Ordnance Survey works with The National Archives (TNA) to ensure the appropriate deposit of documents and records with the relevant national archives, under the terms of the Public Records Act 1958 as amended by the Public Records Act 1967 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000. We are also accredited by TNA as a designated distributed 'Place of Deposit' for annual digital copies of the National Geographical Database.

We also deposit copies of all of our published paper maps with the Legal Deposit Libraries under the terms of the Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003, and voluntarily make an annual deposit of published digital map data with the Legal Deposit Libraries under the spirit of this Act. Contact information for the Legal Deposit Libraries and information about access to historic mapping can be obtained on our historical map archives page.


Ordnance Survey does have CCTV in place at our Adanac Park site. The purpose of CCTV at this site is for the prevention and detection of crime.

Disclosure logs

You may view the responses we have provided, in the previous three years, to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004.

Register of gifts and hospitality

View our gifts and hospitality returns, offered by or provided to Board members and senior personnel, from April 2015.

Any register of interests kept in the department

PointX Ltd - A linked liability company jointly owned with Landmark Information Group Ltd, and concerned with the creation and distribution of points of interest data.

Ordnance Survey Ltd - A wholly owned subsiduary of Ordnance Survey, trading as a partner of Ordnance Survey in leisure markets.

Geoplace LLP - A limited liabillity partnership with the Local Government Association, concerned with the creation and maintenance of the National Address Gazetteer

OS International LLP - A limited liability partnership between Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey Partners Ltd LLP

Ordnance Survey Partners Ltd - A wholly owned subsidiary of Ordnance Survey

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