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Aerial photographs and boundaries

I contact you again over the above properties with a request and a number of questions:

  1. I ask for permission to have copies of aerial photos OS-AP-72-030-030/425,426.2.
  2. I ask for details of any aerial photos (current or historical) you hold relating to the above properties and permission to have copies of these.
  3. I ask for an explanation/withdrawal of your publishing on your 2010 OS update a non-existent physical gap between xxxxxx, xxxxxx St and the adjoining warehouse building (xxxxxx) xxxxxx at the northern boundary of my property (xxxxxx).
  4. I ask for confirmation/definitions/boundaries (and ownership, i.e. local council or private, and if so whom) of the open land surrounding my property to the east and extending to the north and west alongside the mere; from the main xxxxxx road to the south.

Thank you for your e-mail dated 23rd December 2011, and clarification e-mail of 11th January 2012. Please note that not all of the information you have requested is held by Ordnance Survey, and this is detailed where applicable. We respond to each of your questions in turn:

1. I regret to inform you that Ordnance Survey does not hold this image from 1972. This image is held by the National Monuments Record Centre (NMR) and we suggest you may wish to contact them to determine if they are able to help you.

The National Monument Records Centre
Enquiry and Research Centre
English Heritage
Kemble Drive

Telephone: 01793 414600
E-mail: nmrinfo@english-heritage.co.uk

I have today, sent a disk to your home postal address. This disc contains three images which we hold for your address. These images were captured on the following dates: 20/11/2005, 24/7/2006 and 27/9/2011.

The imagery you have requested is subject to crown copyright. Therefore you may not reproduce, distribute or publish it without Ordnance Survey’s express permission. This restriction does not apply to reasonable use for your own non-commercial research purposes, private study, or any other uses permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

3. We have viewed the historical mapping data we hold in relation to your properties and the immediate area. The gap to which you refer was detailed on our mapping prior to our surveyor making a site visit in June 2011, and using GPS control to improve and correct positional accuracy.

Information held from the surveyor’s visit advises there is no gap between where old cottage (number 5) meets the ‘warehouse’ building, but where they meet the warehouse then steps in by 0.65m which does then create a gap between the buildings. This is subsequently been captured and is shown on our current mapping.

The data we hold indicates the mapping prior to 2011 was updated from aerial imagery. At a scale of 1:2500 it is possible for discrepancies to sometimes occur when using remote sensing methods, which could explain the reason for the gap being show incorrectly in the past. We do not claim that our mapping is free from errors and we welcome feedback from customers. If an error is reported we endeavour to investigate and resolve the discrepancy where possible.

The 2010 mapping cannot be withdrawn. Once issued mapping remains until it is superseded – which in this case it has been. The superseded version which correctly shows the updates from the surveyors visit in 2011 is now current and correct.

Ordnance Survey has no control over when third parties update their mapping. We have superseded our mapping with a corrected version, but should other organisations not update the mapping, there is nothing we can do. Furthermore, if the change has occurred since Land Registry created her title deeds then the change would not necessarily be reflected in the deeds. Land Registry does not issue new deeds each time the mapping is updated. If this discrepancy is effecting legal entitlement to land ownership we advise you speak with Land Registry to determine if they will reissue the deeds.

4. I regret to inform you that this information is not held. Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency of Great Britain and is the government department responsible for the official, definitive surveying and topographical mapping of Great Britain.

Ordnance Survey maps never show legal property boundaries, nor do they show ownership of physical features. Although some property boundaries may be coincident with surveyed map features, no assumption should be made in these instances and consequently it is not possible to be sure of the position of a legal boundary from an Ordnance Survey map.

More information about boundaries and boundary disputes is available at the following link:


Your enquiry has been processed according to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2000. As all the requested information has been provided, we have determined that in all the circumstances of this case the Public interest consideration (section 17 FOIA) is not applicable in this instance.

If you are unhappy with our response, you may raise an appeal to our Appeals Officer at:

FOI Appeals Officer
Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Adanac Drive
SO16 0AS

Please include the reference number below. The Appeals Officer will ensure that the process has been followed correctly, questioning any decisions taken regarding the original response and recommending disclosure of additional information if appropriate.

Thank you for your enquiry.

Reference number: FOI11245/December 2011

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