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FoI questions and our responses – 2014

We responded to the following enquiries under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004:

1. IS systems, contracts and upgrades

2. Christmas and new year parties

3. Fixed wing aviation contracts

4. Aerial photography dates

5. Retailing of product

6. Trade Union office accommodation

7. Corporate service functions

8. Year in which dwellings appeared

9. Right of way change

10. Number of laptops

11. Printing services

12. Changes to OS OpenData

13. OPSI complaint correspondence

14. INSPIRE dataset and UDD correspondence

15. Flexi time

16. Annual report and top 30 maps sold for UK

17. Aerial imagery

18. Board minutes and the business plan

19. IT contracts and security

20. Public rights of way

21. Salary increases and bonuses

22. Fixed telephony, broadband and WAN

23. Unrecorded errors

24. Name of Senior Information Risk Officer

25. Boundary updates and amendments

26. OS web page visits

27. Changes relating to OS map

28. Other Route with Public Access (ORPA) master layer

29. Complaints

30. Discrepancies between 25k and 50k scale maps

31. Temporary agency labour breakdown

32. Pest control

33. Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) diversity

34. Issuance of contracts

35. Software companies and their contractual rights

36. How many employees

37. Pay and conditions

38. Data and product assurance

39. Marketing internal communications

40. Payments to Confederation of British Industry

41. Historic mapping

42. Item on Ordnance Survey mapping

43. Pay and conditions

44. Historic aerial photography

45. Road definitions

46. OS policy regarding 'white' and yellow' roads

47. PSMA and OS OpenData

48. Remuneration

49. Mapping enquiries

50. Workplace assessment

51. ITT project appraisal

52. Internal correspondence

53. Health and safety contracts

54. HR ethics

55. OS MasterMap

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